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10th session, 9-20 November



I made storeroom shelving using tongueblade-size craft sticks for the verticals and popsicle-size craft sticks for the shelves: blog-8-1166889509_thumb.jpg

I painted them with a wash of yellow ochre & burnt umber: blog-8-1166889753_thumb.jpg

and installed them: blog-8-1166889923_thumb.jpg

I made a rolling set of storage bins from the October '06 issue of American Miniaturist, #42, page 25. DH was delighted to see me actually use some of the table trash I've collected...


From Making Miniatures: Projects for the 1:12 Scale Dolls' House by Christine Berridge I made the open-back counter on page 55; I closed off the back. I used a scrap of 1/8" basswood, foamboard, toothpicks, a tongueblade and a scrap of posterboard. In a Goodwill store I found a ladder-type shelf unit that had an "Avon" label on it (that later fell off). I "aged" the three items with my INdia ink & isopropyl alcohol mixture.


I finished off the bead curtain & hung it in the storeroom doorway. I began making stock for the store by painting some of the "woodsies" I'd collected: blog-8-1166891289_thumb.jpg

I cut acetate to make "glass" shelves for the bay window. Note: Superglue gel "frosts" acetate & doesn't stick worth a darn, I will NEVER use it for that again! I had to cut & paint craft stick sections to help support the shelves. Elmer's all-purpose white glue did the trick.

I painted turned woodsie bowls & acorn cups with raw siena to resemble terra cotta and then painted them with "folk art" designs in red, white, yellow, blue & green. I needed to make more shelves for the store to display "groceries" and "sundries": blog-8-1166891735_thumb.jpg blog-8-1166891985_thumb.jpg

I went bit berserk at www.printmini.com and printed cigarette packs and cigar boxes. I painted over the printies with clear nail enamel and scored the folds with the back of the point of my utility knife before using it to cut out the pieces. I used foam core to glue up the cigar boxes, and posterboard stacked to make the cigarette packs: blog-8-1166892205_thumb.jpg

Then I cut 1/4" diameter dowel into 3/4" lengths with my hobby saw and sprayed them silvery and covered them with the labels I printed from Jim's site: blog-8-1166892462_thumb.jpg

I used printies from www.geocities.com-boopmini40 to make other grocery items.

I used a RED flowered acetate scarf I found in a charity thrift store to cover a styrofoam mattress & make draperies for the bed area I'm using the gable space for (Thanks, Sabrina's mom).


The Ananda family who own this store are devout Hindus so I made them a family shrine dedicated to Ganesh, the Bringer of Prosperity. I had some kit scraps to make the stepped base and two sizes of HH porch punch-outs to shape the shrine around and somt stairrail punchouts for pillars. We had found a wee little metal Ganesh figure in a shop in Racine, WI. blog-8-1166893249_thumb.jpg

I made the body of the shrine with poster board I embellished with paper lace. I sprayed it all silvery and completed the assembly with carved "ivory" (I think they're actually bone) beads & flowers & a filigree gold-colored bead cap for an offering bowl. Once I placed Ganesh's figure within I installed the pillars


and mounted it on the wall of the living space.

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