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My Foxhall Manor by Real Good Toys is in need of some serious refurbishment. Yet all I could see when I looked at the pictures advertising it for sale was the dollhouse finished. Completed exactly the way I've always wanted it for my I.G.M.A. doll Eliza and her loving family. As soon as I can get it home into my Craft room, I will begin.


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Getting The Mammoth Home: The Foxhall Labor's Move & Plans

Next week I'm hoping my Big (Someday Soonish) Beauty will be home, and into my Craft Room ready for me to begin. First it will be sanding down that blue paint, taking a good primer to recover it or possibly a nice textured spray paint with the trim tapped off with some nice blue painting tape to protect the areas that I want to (for now) keep white. Then those shingles need to come off. Human sized carpeting is the next to go. Then some sanding that yellow Conserv



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