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  2. Hi Maya!! Yes, I use quite a few essential oils in many different ways - Love them!!
  3. Hi Nancy - the basement is no longer available - so which house are you actually building that you’d like a basement for? And please remove your email from your post as this is an open forum and I’d hate for you to be compromised by posting your personal email
  4. Hi Holly, I see this post was from a while ago, and I see you no longer have the basement. I have an older Duracraft wooden house that appears to be the same layout as the San Franciscan. I’ve been working on it during my quarantine. I’m new to dollhouse building. Since I’ve started the building and settled on a “theme,” I’ve decided it really needs a basement. When I searched for information on building a basement, your post popped up. I was so excited to see that it was the same dollhouse I have! Do you have any information about your basement that would be helpful for me as I build my own? thanks, Nancy
  5. Medieval

    Pierce Re-Build

    Re-build of partially constructed Pierce. First dollhouse since 1982! Dollhouse partially assembled with glue gun and wood putty. Porch floor was scored for floor board look and painted grey. Musty, dusty house that had been stored in a basement. At least it is dry!
  6. IndyCindy

    in progress

    This is quite sweet. I especially love the little chair's floral motif!
  7. IndyCindy

    Pack ratting

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that does this. hehe
  8. IndyCindy

    Full kitchen

    This is gorgeous on so many levels. Talk about an inspirational kitchen! Perfectly executed! Love, love, love this! The details matter, and everything here just feels right!
  9. IndyCindy

    Right wall Loo.jpg

    Everything about this is perfect. . .just pristine and lovely!
  10. Shareb


    Well, well done you! Those stairs are great!!
  11. Tigpuppy


    My dishwasher leaked in my kitchen which is above my workroom. My dollhouse got soaked and the stairs got the worst of it. I had to cut off about 1 inch off the bottom and will try to save the rest for a later build. I decided to build my own steps from scratch and have them come up in a slightly different spot. I was thinking mat board too - or possibly just thin strips of wood in a rectangle shape (with the center indented).
  12. Oh my goodness - this is all just amazing.
  13. Medieval


    I decided to forgo the wood on the interior of the front door too. Maybe you could try it with matboard which is thinner?
  14. Medieval

    Out front 28.JPG

    That was like a tour of a living history museum! So cool! I would think time spent researching and plan might have exceeded build time. Very inspiring!
  15. sage minis

    Out Sophia.JPG

    Wonderful perspective on this pic.
  16. I love all these details and having some context, gives everything another layer. Great.
  17. I love your story that accompanies this house. The fire screen is a lovely elegant design.
  18. sage minis

    Fairy Bathroom

    Thank you - the oyster shell was the starting point.
  19. sage minis

    Fairy cottagfe

    That is a crazy enchanted tree. Maybe I should include a closeup of the tree in my album? Glad you enjoyed the cottage - it was so much fun to make out of bits I had at my home.
  20. Ah, I looked at the photos again and saw the bucket beside the basket of drying twigs. Clever you! I skipped past that pic when I looked the first time. Are you planning to put it out for birds to use it? Since is cannot be cleaned out, it might be best to keep it indoors as a lovely bit of rustic decor.
  21. KathieB

    Fairy cottagfe

    Absolutely charming! What is the tall spiral, metal-ish looking item in the back left corner? My old eyes can't quite tell.
  22. KathieB

    Fairy Bathroom

    Love it -- a natural shower when it rains.
  23. Yesterday
  24. sage minis

    Fairy Cottage

    This Fairy Cottage was made primarily from two large peanut cans and bark that fell off a tree stump in my yard.
  25. Shareb


    Did you turn the stairs around? Just trying to remember the layout.....Love the blush pink colour!
  26. Shareb


    The Pierce is quite a tricky build in many respects too! It's coming on though!!
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