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  2. Aw. Thanks guys. The underlying form is a small plastic food bucket with a lid. I wasn't aware of the annual cleaning since I already sealed it. Oops. Carrie- The flickering fireplace is fun and the dress shop is so cute. I would wear the polka dot dress and the rosette dresses in real life. Your nursery turns out very cute. I have a small real life exterior light that I will repurpose and that gave me some ideas on what to do. Thanks for posting your mini journey for us to learn.
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  4. Amazing! I enjoyed looking at all of your creations.
  5. Medieval


    I do that to all my trim joints too. Just makes it look smoother.
  6. havanaholly


    Gorgeous! I take just a little spackle on the tip of my finger and rub it over those rough edges of the wood, like the archway.
  7. Clever, and a pail would be easy to hose out for the next batch of feathered tenants.
  8. I love it, and I bet the birds will, too! What is the underlying form? It looks like a small pail, but it is camouflaged well. Does the roof remove for the annual cleaning?
  9. So helpful, everyone. Thank you! Going to look into this Third Hand contraption! Also, why didn't I think of tape?! This should really help, thank you all
  10. Hi everyone, This is my project from today: a birdhouse. I haven't put the pictures in an album yet. https://www.flickr.com/photos/54971771@N04/
  11. Tigpuppy


    I wouldn't mind having this view out my front door in real life!
  12. Tigpuppy


    I like how these doors turned out. They are just setting there for now. I'll be putting hinge pins on them eventually.
  13. Tigpuppy


    That block of wood on the bottom of the door definitely was a bad idea. Live and learn I guess!
  14. Tigpuppy


    But from this angle the piece added to the door looks horrible! I'm definitely going to be ripping that off tomorrow if I get time!
  15. Tigpuppy


    From this angle the piece of wood I added to the bottom of the door looks ok to me.
  16. Tigpuppy

    Tig's Pierce Progress

    I've dug my old Pierce kit out of storage after nearly 20 years of sitting half finished. This is the story (in pictures) of me finishing it!
  17. I've found all kinds of clamps at Home Depot for clamping pieces together including corner clamps. They are in the small tool section by the saws. If there is an area that I can't clamp, I use painter's tape or masking tape. I've used quick dry or regular Aleen's tacky glue for all of my houses. My grandmother was an avid crafter, and she swore by it for all of her projects.
  18. I love rainy weather, but it's completely killing any chance of tv reception in my rural area. So instead of stitching by the tv, I've been planning new projects, reading old issues of miniature collector (gosh, I wish I had more issues!) and just generally firing up the inspiration center in the brain. Windowshopping supplies online, too. Oh, and whittling away at a stack of newspaper puzzles in the afternoon. Anyone have old issues of Miniature Collector they'd be willing to part with?
  19. Thanks to all soldiers who have lived, died, and fought for our country and the cause of freedom. Your service made and still makes it possible for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we sometimes take for granted, and to live the best life we can.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I use a combination of hot glue and Aleene's tacky glue (hot glue in a few spots to hold it instantly and a bead of tacky glue so that it has a better hold over time), then hold them in place with blue tape and mini spring clamps, depending on which part of the roof I'm on.
  22. Or put her in a muumuu and him a tee shirt and put them in the Travel Trailer!
  23. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Miniature-Gandma-Grandpa-Man-Woman-Dollhouse-Dolls-Handcrafted-Porcelain/254602076803 Wouldn't they look great on a Greenleaf houseboat kit? They make me smile!
  24. campbelc

    New Orleans House

    Thank you so much! I found the wall panels at a little shop in Chattanooga.
  25. campbelc

    New Orleans House

    Thank you so much!
  26. campbelc

    New Orleans House

    Thank you! They're made from Paperclay.
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