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  3. I really love how you did the stairs, especially the part of the stairs attached to the wall. It is hard to tell I'm looking at a dollhouse. You are really good!
  4. The Grandt line balcony door is noticeably bigger than the Jackson Miniatures door to the master bedroom. Oh well! I still have to add the "glass" to the door (it isn't actually glued in yet).
  5. Adding the crown molding was a challenge in this small area!
  6. Door to a closet or maybe an imaginary basement?
  7. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building. I'm finally making real progress - walls are getting glued along with wallpaper & trim!
  8. WyckedWood

    Joann Swanson

    The link to that blog is not the same Joann that wrote for nutshell news.
  9. uh-oh. I feel a splurge urge coming on.....
  10. Ha! Progress made tonight. After an early dinner, started stitching again. I finished the cream stitches, did all the darker green stitches, and started on the blue background. Things should keep going well, I hope. My doctor thinks I'm doing well, and I haven't gained any weight since she saw me last, so yay! Not sure what I'll have for dinner tomorrow, maybe pizza? I'm in the mood for some pepperoni.
  11. Yep, Holly, doing the whole house.
  12. Thank you so much Emily, this has been helpful. I've been refining my plan, my ground floor rooms are now 6 5/8" wide, with fireplaces and staircases that'll be 1" deep along the walls. The room depth will be 6 or 6.5 inches, depending on what works best for the design.
  13. I want it too but the little band saw on the table in the background caught my eye. I have a small Delta but that one looks even smaller.
  14. Grazhe, are you reproducing the cottage, or just basing a roombox on it? If the latter, go with the dimensions; if the former, whatever depth you're comfortable with.
  15. It looks like there's a case of 'great minds.' This looks like a very handy gadget! Thanks for the suggestion!
  16. This looks amazing! I think this will most definitely do the trick! I think this is similar to what Carrie was suggesting in the last post?
  17. Yesterday
  18. The Victorianna's second floor has 4" tall ceilings and 7.5" deep rooms. They're nice large rooms, but they're shadowy at the back and it can be hard to reach in (more an issue for initial building/decorating than for arranging furniture). I like that the extra depth allows you to do interesting things to the layout, like add closets. But it makes gluing in trim especially challenging and the rooms are very dark in pictures. (Less so in person, but still darker than I'd like. That could be fixed by adding lights, though.) I like how the Victorianna turned out, but I don't think I would want to do such deep rooms again, particularly because of how dark they are. I haven't put together a gallery with the pictures of the finished house yet, but here are a few pics to give you an idea of the proportions: I added a closet to the bathroom, so what you see here isn't the full depth. (It's 5.25" deep with the closet.) In the room with the stairs, the bump-out is at 6.75" inches' depth and the back wall is at 7.5".
  19. Due to request. Up for a few more days! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Duracraft-Victorian-Mansion-VM800-Dollhouse/124251775702?pageci=84c2a772-a8aa-4129-843f-601f288cc9ee
  20. Yep, that's the one. I know the dimensions are ok from books and articles I've read and from seeing pictures how those rooms look today, it's just that I've never seen a 1:24 kit dollhouse in person to be able to say to myself, yeah, the room sizes are fine, quit worrying about it.
  21. If this is the English cottage built in the late 15th Century the room dimensions sound right.
  22. Platinum Member 826 3,380 posts Location: Maine Report post Posted yesterday at 01:05 PM I've always liked this cottage painting by Helen Allingham done well over 100 years ago. I can see the reason for the updates but did they have to remove the charm? That's the problem with a lot of things, updates ruin it.
  23. 8 feet seems like short ceiling, tho I know that is common. Jackie Kerr Dieber did 12 inch ceilings (6 inches in 1:24, and 3 inches in 1:48) and I loved the space. I think 7" is a little deep for a 1:24 room box - of course it depends on what the room is, but I think the Fairfield (which is a roomy 1:24) has maybe 5 inch deep/wide rooms? I should go measure. I often draw my room on paper for 1:48, and then take furniture and size the room that way. Im always surprised how different things are when the furniture is set into them...smaller or larger - I never know how it will go until the furniture is used for scale reference.
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