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  2. I've been using a plastic face shield. When I wear a mask I find myself breathing heavily through my mouth, my mask gets soaked and I find it harder and harder to breathe and I get really stressed. . With the face shield I breathe normally, don't have to open my mouth the whole time I'm in the store, much more comfortable.
  3. I guess I'm going the other way from realism; I've been interested lately in getting a kit (bust, arms, legs) for a vintage-look miniature porcelain doll-- sort of like Jane in Beatrix Potter's Tale of Two Bad Mice-- the type with the painted porcelain hair. Will probably have to look on eBay.
  4. Barbara Fales previous owner of The Dollhouse Corner in Delray Beach sadly passed away on Saturday. I don’t have any other details. It was before I became an active miniaturists that I would peruse her shop and marvel at all the miniature vignettes, dollhouses and other assorted items filling her glass display cases. Unfortunately, the Delray Beach location’s rent became outrageously expensive so she retired and closed the business about 10 ? years ago. I knew her from our mini group, Les Petits of South Florida in Boca Raton. She was one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. Always a kind word about everyone. She is missed.
  5. We call in our orders, hubs picks it up and we dine at home. We've been doing this since before Thanksgiving and we're both doing fine.
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  7. Depends on the restaurant. We go to the ones where tables are blocked off and no one is allowed in without a mask and all the staff wear them, too.
  8. KathieB


    Wheee! What fun!
  9. Wow... long wait! Haha! Have fun with it - you will really benefit from the convenience. So many possibilities.
  10. I agree. So when eating inside a restaurant where people are laughing eating drinking and talking without masks your risk increases.
  11. I had to do a search to find this thread that I started four years and three months ago! But finally, my lasercutter has arrived. Honestly, I didn’t think it would. The manufacturers completed the project and started shipping units right on schedule....in Europe! It’s taken the additional years for them to finally get all the certifications, etc to be able to ship units to the USA. This is not a snark or rant. I'm honestly excited to finally have the machine and start the learning curve! The delays may have turned out to be fortuitous...time will tell. But I’m happy with the machine and am looking forward to the next part of my mini journey.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply KathieB!
  13. I linked to a printable ruler.
  14. Here is an online rule that can be custom calibrated. The Imperial scale is in 1/12 increments and even shows the equivalents in feet for 1:12 scale. Maybe it can also be printed? https://www.ginifab.com/feeds/cm_to_inch/architect_imperial_scale_ruler.html
  15. The primary purpose of the mask is to protect the people around you from your germs. It can help impede other people's germs from getting to you, but it really, really works best in a pandemic if EVERYBODY wears a mask.
  16. amyole


    I love when people make miniatures like this. So creative! (this is why I have a drawer of stuff like this, I just need the creativity to figure out what they will become)
  17. Type the member's screen name in the Search box to return their posts. Or click on "Everywhere" in the Search box and click on "Members"
  18. My DH bought me a face shield. It came from Northern Hydraulics and is a welder's face shield, nice and heavy but it allows for cooling air to flow. I'm covered from my forehead to past my chin, almost to my chest. I have COPD and breathing through a mask is about the same as having a head cold and breathing through my mouth. I can enter the grocery store or Walmart and not be told I have to leave. I've worn it to the doctor's office and the hospital to get blood work done without any problems either.
  19. I make mine, but they aren't beautiful, because I try to make them look like people I see out in public. We have members who make even better, more realistic dolls, like our own JoMed and also member Sherri Colvin: https://minidollkit.com/colvin-dolls, and that's just the ones I can remember who are here. There are also Jodie & Richard Creager, Julie Campbell and one of my personal favorites, James Carrington (you did say quality).
  20. Once upon a prior forum "update" we used to be able to do a member search when we were trying to recall a specific member to check on recent eye candy, last activity, etc. Did we lose that?
  21. Thank you. I used WyckedWood tutorial on punch needle to learn how to do it. She’s a very good teacher.
  22. Medieval

    Pierce Re-Build

    Re-build of partially constructed Pierce. First dollhouse since 1982! Dollhouse partially assembled with glue gun and wood putty. Porch floor was scored for floor board look and painted grey. Musty, dusty house that had been stored in a basement. At least it is dry!
  23. Medieval


    I'm not sure I like how this came out. I was going for a tile look. I'm installing it and will decide when subway tiled walls are in if I will replace it with a computer printed tile design or if I will keep it.
  24. Then you haven't seen wyckedwoods dolls!
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