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  3. Mary, if you have instructions with your kit, the schematics aren't part of the instructions? They were with the instruction booklet that came with my SF555.
  4. Hi havanaholly, I'm in the Bradenton area, but do go to Orlando once in a while. Thanks!
  5. I have continued to work on this, bit by bit (got most of my house reorganized during quarantine and have all kinds of spaces for crafting ). But I'm running into a question. The wall of the large gable, the one with the hexagonal window, is far bigger and a different shape on one side than what's in the directions, where there's a line drawing with a couple measurements. I was about to go through with just doing it as it was and seeing if I needed to alter it once I started putting the walls up. (I mean, if you've built this kit, the 550 in particular, you might know that a complete dry fit at the outset is next to impossible, so I have to figure it out as I build.) But I'm at the point where I need to at least paint it I don't have a schematic layout of the wood sheets in the kit, so I can't tell if this is actually 2 parts that were next to each other but didn't get the die cut "lines" pressed into them, but that's my suspicion--even though I went through at one point and labeled the parts and didn't notice anything missing. Looking through some of the older threads here I came across one with a photo of someone working with the same part and it looked like the drawing in the instructions, rather than the part I punched out of the sheet. So I think I'll go ahead and cut it down...unless anyone here has run into the same problem and has insight that might help? I'll give it a little time--I'm still working on building and finishing the interior of the tower and the bay, so I can keep busy for a day or so before I have to decide. But I don't have a whole lot more time than that. There is a 4yo who has been denied the end of her 4K year in school and all her friends, and I'm trying to make it up to her at least a little by pushing this project to the front of my queue. Last week she and her brother helped me paint the base green and glue flowers onto it. We've planned which character gets which room (though they will all visit each other and share, of course, because even the sassiest princesses are good at sharing). I'm trying to find as many little projects for her to help with as I can, but I don't think she will have much useful advice about this weirdo misshapen part! ;)
  6. Derek Rowbottom's Making Tudor Dolls' Houses and Making Period Dolls' House Furniture.
  7. I won an auction on ebay for a vintage Glencroft still in an unopened box. Better still, I got it for about half the present price, including shipping. While researching the Craftsman and Arts & Crafts styles for my current project, I was impressed by how much they were influenced by the Tudor and medieval styles and started getting the itch to do a house in an historically accurate style of the Elizabethan period. Having taught English literature and theatre, I think it would be fun to decorate with details inspired by and approximating as closely as possible the house where Shakespeare was born. So that is what I have waiting in the wings. I am already researching and planning it. . . .
  8. Thats a Lawbre, yeah, repaint and wallpaper.
  9. I like this for $150: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Solid-Wood-Dollhouse-with-Dolls-Fully-Furnished-Working-Windows-Doors-EUC/202976779853? I'd envision a paint job and some re-wallpapering, but the bones are nice.
  10. A Cassidy Creations dresser kit.
  11. Another kit from Petworth Miniatures.
  12. I made the cabinet from bits of scrap wood. The books are from Little Things of Interest on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/595885996/124-scale-21-dusty-old-books-miniature?ref=hp_top_in_taxo-1-1&pro=1
  13. Jess1991

    My miniature potatoes

    Thank you all so much ! I was very happy with the results I just hope I can do other types food x
  14. Great idea using smaller scale minis for toys!
  15. Not glued yet - just a test-fit to see how it looks. the arched piece will be raised up closer to the ceiling to fit in one more shelf.
  16. Not the best photo, but the furniture here is kits from Petworth, SDK and Melissa's Miniwereld. The bookcase and ottoman I made myself from wood scraps. The narrative in my head has the Mr. finding the chair in a little shop and falling in love with how comfy it is, but of course his wife absolutely hates it. She wouldn't allow it in her beautiful parlor, so up to the attic it goes. Now the tower room is the Mr.'s little reading nook where he can smoke his pipe, have some brandy and listen to his phonograph without being disturbed by his wife, daughter and crazy sister-in-law. Now I need to figure out how to make a tiny 1:24 pipe!
  17. Welcome! My family is from SE Ohio but I live in AR now.
  18. I had a hard time following a lot of the directions as things just don't make a lot of sense to me without pictures so I'm sympathetic. I've been looking at that house but haven't built it. I hope it comes together for you two. Welcome!
  19. I added a storage room under my stairs. People will be able to open the door to peek in.
  20. My scratch-built stairs are far from perfect, but they'll do. I love the Fairfield's design - there's always a view to the room beyond.
  21. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building... slowly. I'm still in the dry-fit planning & modifications stage.
  22. Many thanks to Jennifer (forjenn on this Forum) for selling this dressing table on Ebay. I had to laugh when I realized I'm putting it in the exact same spot in my own Fairfield. It was fun finding tiny things to add to it for a lived-in look. The clock and pink box are from Red Cottage Miniatures.
  23. The tower room will be the sanctum of the only man in the house. His little reading nook where he can smoke his pipe and have a glass of brandy in peace.
  24. FurMama

    My miniature potatoes

    They look like they were just dug fresh from the garden.
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