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  3. Yes but it’s a very cool process to learn about. I’m so happy Carrie took the leap and is making her own dolls now!
  4. Great info. Thanks for all this Karin. I have the tiny Jean Pardina moulds for dolls’ dolls. I was making them from Liquache, but for some reason the finish I am getting now with them is terrible. I think I need to learn to make them from porcelain. I don’t have a kiln but I know people who do. But I am sure there is plenty to learn about pouring and firing.
  5. Sherry made some great Downton Abbey characters for kit sales.
  6. When I was in college, eons ago, we'd get a hamburger at Burger King and french fries at McDonald's --- best of both worlds, at least in our limited experience.
  7. I went berserk and got great bunches of those things to dress steampunk hats: I would think that, uncut, some of those with the holes around the spokes would make a great foundation for a chandelier.
  8. Sherry is a member here, although I can see why she hasn't been active in a while. I also work in polymer clay, so the techniques are a bit different. I have been making dolls in various media most of my life.
  9. This is really cute! You have done a great job on it, I love M.E. themes.
  10. ok that didn’t work lol but here is the whole album showing that scene with dolls added.
  11. I know that some people are reading this and thinking they don’t like or want dolls in their dollhouses..I get it...I used to feel that way too, until I could see the little bit of extra magic that a doll can bring to our dollhouse rooms. They can be almost like an extra layer to bring interest to the scene. Just to try to give an example I’m going to (attempt) to add a few photos here of before a scene has a doll added and the same scene with a doll. I’ll have to do this in two separate posts or they won’t fit. So this is without doll-
  12. I've been looking for tutorials also without much luck. There are a lot of great tips on this site, I'm glad I found it, I'm not alone!! It looks like the last post was in 2016 though.....it's now 2020 :(. I haven't been able to find those "spoke" parts, I don't know the correct name for them and google has shown me more wooden wheels then I ever care to see again BUT I did come across....gears!? Some of them are pretty delicate looking and would be mostly covered up anyhow, they already have the "spokes" and they are super cheap. There are a bunch of sets of steampunk ones on Amazon. Any thoughts or ideas about this? Can these things easily be cut I wonder?
  13. And a great wigging video from Dana. Sherry Colvin also has some wigging videos.
  14. Here is one of Dana’s painting diy videos, she has several other helpful videos as well.
  15. Here is Sherry’s channel, she has a lot of great tutorials for beginners.
  16. Holly, you would see a lot of familiar names at the CampOn group site. Groups.io is a good host, you can adjust your settings so that you go to the actual site to read all of the posts, rather than getting them sent by individual email or daily digest. Whenever there is mini news, like a publication leaving the business, etc. I always see it there first. Many active members. I prefer the Greenleaf format but I do pop in there from time to time to see what’s happening in the mini world. Carrie, yes totally agree. As a former cosmetologist, I love the hair and makeup/paint aspect of it but also I love to sew. BUT if someone doesn’t like sewing, Dana’s costumes and patterns are designed to allow for gluing rather than sewing, if desired. In fact most available patterns you can choose a glue option. Many of the top dollmakers actually recommend gluing to keep your work in scale, so no worries or excuses if you think you can’t sew lol. Sherry Colvin of minidollkits.com has developed quite a few YouTube videos showing how to use the glue method to create a costume. Sherrys doll kits are polymer clay rather than porcelain but her dolls are wonderful, full of character and she has monthly specials.
  17. I fell down the doll making rabbit hole 2 years ago. The group Karin is referring to is wonderful. I participate as much as possible. I started out not knowing anything about miniature dolls to now casting and firing my own. If you loved dressing and playing with Barbie as a child this is right up you alley, only in an adult artistic way. This is Dana Burton's web page https://www.danaburton.com/
  18. The Camp was when for whatever reason we lost the Digest for a while. I'm glad to see it has evolved. I had to give up Small Stuff when we moved and I couldn't getit to switch me to our new server & email; just as well, I couldn't handle all the emails and with our Chromebook and our server's email limitations I don't think I'll go back. I still pop in to research the archives, like Dr Bob's spiral stairs tutorial.
  19. Depending on how badly it's damaged, could you cut another one?
  20. Sometimes I substitute fresh kale for spinach and recently I've been throwing in chopped fresh parsley (love the crisp, green flavor!). If I want mashed potatoes (almost never) I take a handful of baby reds or yukon golds, quarter them, steam them and throw them into the processor. I only make them when we want a bit of bangers and mash.
  21. This is the info for Camelot Court along with free tutorials on the website (which is separate from the group) miniDollLIST.com http://www.minidolllist.com/Camelot/Castle/Online Classes/CC basics.pdf
  22. https://groups.io/g/minidollLIST/topics
  23. If anyone is interested in scale porcelain dollmaking but doesn’t know where to begin...join the group miniDollLIST which is hosted at groups.io, the same site that hosts CampOn (the old small stuff digest off shoot). As with the dollhouse hobby, doll making is a true rabbit hole of learning new skills and becoming an expert in areas you may have only had a passive interest in, such as historic costuming. For example, at the moment the miniDollLIST is focusing on a project called Camelot Court. We are studying medieval costumes, food and backgrounds,etc. We are creating medieval style dolls to live in the fictional world of Camelot Court. Some long time members here might remember Wanna in ElPaso, active with smallstuff digest. With her amazing imagination Wanna writes an ongoing story -like a town newspaper- that weaves through Camelot Court and includes all of the characters involved, fictional as well as actual character dolls people are making for the project. So this is a great time to jump in and join in on the fun or just observe to see if 1/12 dollmaking might interest you. The group is in an email list type format but you can arrange your settings so that you don’t get individual emails, and just go to the group site to read the daily contributions at leisure. There are classes (free) for 1/12 costuming, wig making, jewelry making, etc. and friendly people who are willing to answer any questions or help you get started. You can start with purchasing a porcelain “blank” which is an unpainted, unassembled doll “kit”, that is the least expensive option. Or you can purchase a painted kit, etc, or learn starting from scratch with your own home kiln and molds. It’s true porcelain dollmaking is becoming a bit of a lost art, I think the hey day was probably back in the 1990s, kits are getting harder to come by, but they can still be found. If you’re at all curious please check out the group (they are also on fb under the same name) and jump down the rabbit hole with us! Note: Dana Burton is our doll making guru and mentor. She provides instruction, free classes, patterns, painted kits and direction/inspiration. Look up her dolls in google images or Pinterest to see her work. I’ll find the link to the miniDollLIST and add it below.
  24. Well, it's almost as good as homemade, and really is the only way I eat mashed potatoes at all. I prefer them roasted or fried, particularly in suet. Sigh. Wish McDonald's would go back to using that when making their french fries. They were soooo good that way. Last night's pork was nice and juicy, a good complement to the rice. Tonight I'm helping Mom make Italian stuffed shells with cheese and spinach. Sometimes I use spinach and other times I don't, but I thought more veggies should help with the slow weight loss I'm sustaining. Lots of progress with the deer pillow last night. Finished the light green stitches, the cream stitches, and did the dark green and rusty red ones too. Started on the blue background, which always goes quicker as I usually no longer need to count my stitches, like I do for the other colors. Maybe 2-3 days more and I should be done with this one. Thinking I'll do another little pillow after this, maybe a swan design for a future build.
  25. Hi. I'm trying to build this dollhouse also. I've messed up the access bay door tho and wanted to know how you built the side without it? I noticed your access bay door is now in the front. What did you use to substitute for the original access bay door on the side? And anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed if some of the exterior is damaged? Thanks!
  26. Are those really wrought iron little chairs? The detail is amazing!
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